Creating A Display Board

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SWBAT create a display board to exhibit information.

Big Idea

Let's wrap up a problem-based learning experience. Students create a display board to show their evidence, data, claim and argument while answering an essential question.

Bell Ringer-How To Design A Winning School Project Board

5 minutes

Watch the video: How to design a winning school project board.

I ask students to use their Science Journal (notebook) to record the six (6) key ideas to make a successful science project board. Students may have designed and created a display board before, but it is good practice to review your expectations.

Students should record:

  • Use color
  • Use large (font) type
  • Choose simple font
  • Write photo captions
  • Use subheadings & bullet points
  • Proofread

The Display Board - A Summative Assessment

30 minutes

By having students create a display board and present their data and evidence, students are building on the CCSS.ELA-Literacy.SL.6.4 and SL.6.5 which state: students will present claims and findings to accentuate main ideas, and students will use visual displays in presentations to clarify information.

By sharing a Rubric for the project, students will begin to understand all the pieces that are necessary for the final product. This rubric contains a list of specific criteria for grading the project and it is a summative assessment tool for this problem-based learning experience. I encourage students to use the rubric to assess their own work as they create their project.

I provide 3 class periods for students to work on and create their display board. Since this is group work, I know it is necessary to give students time to work in class. By giving them time in class, it should eliminate student work on the project at home.

Student Share

5 minutes

What are some ways you can display information on your project board?

What important information should be included?

It is important to take a few minutes to wrap up the lesson. I ask students to share their ideas for creating a display board. Some student responses should include: use pictures or clip art to make it look interesting, use color on the board, add a graph which explains some data, use vocabulary words such as biotic, abiotic, deciduous, conifer, and biodiversity.

Ask students their thoughts. They will share. They have great ideas!