Erosion, Weathering, Deposition Assessment

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SWBAT sort definitions and pictures of erosion, weathering, and deposition.

Big Idea

Instead of giving a test, students will sort cards that hold definitions and pictures to demonstrate their understanding of erosion, weathering, and deposition.

Sorting Assessment

15 minutes

To assess their knowledge of erosion, weathering, and deposition, we are going to use a sorting activity. Students will label three different construction pieces of paper with the titles erosion, weathering, and deposition. The cards that are included are great, but you can just have them add these labels to the tops of the paper too. 

Students will then take the other cards, read carefully, and determine the construction paper it should go on. Students will glue the cards onto their construction paper, but I give them the hint to put all their cards into place first. That way they can check them before they clue. Students will put their names on the back and turn in their three pages for grading. 


Writing Response

10 minutes

When they have completed their charts, they are reading to expand their thinking and knowing to paper. Students can use their charts if they need to. To demonstrate how they connected their new learning to their schema, I ask them to write to me about their learning. Students can either choose one of the topics to write and explain it to me or they can tell me what they knew before and what they know now.