Bats and Their Amazing Hearing

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Apply the concept of echolocation by using a model to explain the phenomena

Big Idea

Using a model helps build a deeper understanding of the animal adaptation phenomena


1 minutes

Warm up

5 minutes

We have been learning about bats and as we cleared up bat misconceptions we touched on the misconception that some people have, that bats are blind, which they are not. This was the driving force behind this lesson. The conversation came up and I decided to create a lesson on echolocation to show how bats use their sense of hearing as an adaptation to the darkness when they hunt.

Guided practice

15 minutes

In science there is always new vocabulary to tackle. I used a modified Frayer Vocabulary Model to help my students make sense of new words like  Echolocation I also used a Bats Echolocation Makes the Difference PowerPoint to help differentiate to the learning styles in my classroom. I included a video in the power point that helped my students better understand how echolocation works with bats. They were still singing it at the end of the day!


20 minutes

I asked my students how could we model echolocation? They came up with different ideas and most matched the echolocation activity we tackled. The students worked in teams  modeling echolocation . I created a focus page, Modeling Echolocation, in order to add structure to the activity. They Kept track of their observations  for each other.The focus page also had guiding questions to assist students in focusing on the "why" of investigation. 

Class Discussion/ Wrap up

10 minutes

The questions on the  modeling echolocation page  guided our discussion. The students were able to zero in on how echolocation works in bats and the "why" of our results. They noticed , when Guessing Location When Modeling echolocation , that when the tapping occurred to the right or left it was easier to detect. I loved the analyzing that ensued, "could it be because our ears are on the side of our heads?" and the building on that question, "Bat's ears are on the top of their heads and they are really big, so that makes sense." Yes, it certainly does!