Solving Linear Equations Stations Activity

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SWBAT attend mini workshops on areas of need for solving Linear Equations, while others get introduced to solving Linear Inequalities through Khan Academy.

Big Idea

To provide differentiated support by meeting the students needs on solving Linear Equations, but allowing other students to move forward with Linear Inequalities.


10 minutes

I begin this lesson with each student peer grading another student's Solving Linear Equations worksheet from yesterday's lesson. Students are to grade each of the equations in all four categories using this Key that I post on the projector. If the student misses problems in any of the categories, they are to complete the station work for that category today. Students do not have to complete station work in the categories in which they score 100%.  

After grading each category, the grader writes the categories for the Stations that their peer should visit today. Then, he/she hands the paper back to its owner. For students who score 100% in all four categories, I have an extension assignment on solving inequalities setup in Khan Academy.

I expect the grading and Station setup process will take about 10 minutes. Prior to the lesson  I set up seven groups of four desks. Since I am unsure of the number of students that need to visit each station, I have prepared a set of 15 review sheets for each station. Here are the guidelines for working at each station:

  • Students are not to write on the station problems. Only on their individual answer sheets.
  • Students leave the problems at the Station when they are complete.  
  • After visiting all of the stations students turn in the peer-graded worksheet and their answer sheet.  

Teacher's Note: In my classroom I cover the station problems with a plastic report cover that can be wiped clean if a student does write on it.


Solving Equations Stations

40 minutes

Most of the time in this lesson is spent on students working in Solving Equation Stations. I have provided four problem sets of three problems for each Station.  I organize the stations based on the amount of students I have at each station.  Again, I have tables together to seat a group of four students at each station.  Each pair of students shares the document at that station with the problems on it.  Therefore, there should be two documents at each group of tables. Most of the time I have found stations to be more beneficial if students exchange the documents they need for each station, rather than rotating to each table.  That is the method that I use in this lesson.

Once the group has completed the station, they grade their Answer Document against the Key that I provide. I cut this page apart, and only provide the key to the station that the group has completed. I have about 5 keys for each station copied to provide to students.  Students should return the key after checking that station. Each student grades their own answer document.  Any problems missed are discussed within the group before moving to the next station.  The discussion is to clear up any misconceptions or questions about the problems missed. 

After students complete each station, they come and get the other documents they need for the next station. I have them organized into stacks for each station at table. I instruct students to move forward to the next station. For example, one moves to two, two moves to three, three moves to four, and four moves back to one.

Students are to hand in their original paper from the previous lesson and their answer documents from the station work. Once a student visits all of the assigned Stations, he/she should work on the Solving Inequalities extension on Khan Academy.

Extension or Homework

As an extension for those students that did not have to remediate on solving Linear Equations, I provide a Khan Academy assignment for them to be introduced to solving Linear Inequalities.  I assign the following as their extension:

1.  Watch the two videos listed below, remember the videos have an arrow next to the title.  I remind them to login to Khan Academy and search for the exact title.  Since I am signed up as their coach, I am able to view their progress in Khan Academy.  I have linked the videos and lessons below for teachers to view.  However, I purposely do not link these for students so that they will login before completing.

    • Multiplying and dividing with inequalities example (1:21)
    • Constructing and solving one step inequalities (2:08)

2.  Complete the following exercise.  You must get 5 in a row correct.

    • One step inequalities

The other students working in the Linear Equations Stations must complete this assignment for homework.  I will continue teaching solving Linear Inequalities in the next lesson. Very few of my students worked on the extension without working on any Linear Equation Stations.  So my students did not need any additional work.  If I needed another extension, I had prepared to assign another exercise in Khan Academy called two step inequalities.