Review of Solving Linear Equations

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SWBAT solve linear equations in a mixed review of solving equations using individual white boards.

Big Idea

To use a mixed review to check for understanding of solving one-step, two step, and multi-step linear equations.

Warm Up

10 minutes

The purpose of this lesson is to review solving linear equations in one variable.  Including one-step equations, two-step equations, and multi-step equations.  This review lesson will also include the special cases of no solution and infinitely many solution.  As well as emphasizing different methods to apply the distributive property, and working with fractions within the equation.  I intend for the Warm Up to take students about ten minutes to complete and for me to review with the class.  I use the Warm Up to check for student prior knowledge and refresh students minds about the different types of linear equations.  I review the Warm Up in the video below. 


White Board Activity

15 minutes

I use the individual white boards in class when the problems are easy for me to check quickly.  I post a problem for students to work on the white board, and then I allow them about a minute or two to work out the problem. During white board activity, students know not to show me their white boards until instructed.  This way all students have thinking time, and a chance to work the problem.  When I feel like students have had enough time, I say, "Show me."  As I look at the white boards, I will either say try again, or correct.  Students that continue to provide wrong responses, I will assign a partner to explain the problem, while the class continues to move forward to the next problem.  The students will return with the class after reviewing the problem.  White board is a fairly quick moving activity, but you have to keep it balanced.  Keep moving students forward, but allow think time, and sometimes it requires higher level students to be patient.  I provide feedback as quickly as possible, sometimes by asking a question,"Did you divide by 2 on both sides?" or "Check your signs,"  or "How did you get that?"

For this activity I have printed the following pages from the website Kuta Software Infinite Series for Algebra I:


1.  One-step equations

2.  Two-step equations

3.  Multi-step equations

for the teacher's use only to provide problems on the board for the individual White Board Activity.  I like using this site for white board activities because it has the key to the problems.  I do not like assigning these worksheets to my students because I do not want them to access the key from the internet.  I will provide my own created worksheet for the Independent Practice after the White Board Activity.


Independent Practice

25 minutes

After the White Board Activity, I provide students with a Mixed Review on Solving Linear Equations for today's lesson.  Students are provided about 25 minutes in class to complete the review.  At the beginning of the next class period, we will grade the mixed review, and students will attend stations on the categories of problems that they do not score a 100%.  

In the review, I have provided students problems to practice on the following categories:

1.  One and two-step equations

2.  Variables on both sides (multi-step equations)

3.  Distributive property (multi-step equations)

4.  Special cases

There will be four stations on the following day to reinforce solving these equations.  If students complete the Independent Practice, I collect it for the follow up lesson the next day.  If students do not complete the Independent Practice, I assign it as homework to bring back to be graded the next day.  I have provided a Key for the Independent Practice.