Turning Up The Heat

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Students will be able to ask and answer questions regarding how heating affects the properties of materials.

Big Idea

Students will use a heat source to identify how heat changes the physical properties of a material.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

The lesson will begin with a whole group discussion about heat. Students will provide their own definition of heat and what they know about heat safety. I will ask the students what happens when an object is heated? Does it matter what is being heated? Does the amount of heat make a difference? I will provide time for students to share their responses. 

Students will be directed to brainstorm a list of objects that change when they are heated in their science journal. I will record student responses on the board.

Next, I will ask the students to take a look around the room and determine if there is anything in the room that we can use to safely heat objects (warm water and body heat). I will encourage the students to share their ideas and explanations; for example, in the past, a student mentioned that when they hold chocolate in their hands for an extended period of time, it melts. 

I will show the students a crayon, a piece of clay, and a piece of chocolate. I will ask the students, "what do you think would happen to each of these objects if they were heated? How can we safely heat these objects? I will allow students to discuss their responses. 


25 minutes

I will take out a hair dryer and show it to the students. I will inform them that I will be using this tool to apply heat to our selected objects. We will review safety procedures before the students are given the opportunity to observe me using the hair dryer. Students will not use the hairdryer, however it is very important for the students to understand the importance of using the appliance correctly and safely.

As I heat each object one by one, I will remind students that scientists not only observe but they also record their observations and data for future use. Students will be instructed to complete the Time to Turn Up the Heat Resource as I heat each object with the hair dryer.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

The lesson will conclude with a whole group discussion. Students will be given the opportunity to share their observations. I will ask students to share their predictions as well as the outcomes.