Motion and Energy Unit Review Game

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SWBAT review main concepts and vocabulary terms about the motion and energy unit.

Big Idea

After studying motion and energy for the past few weeks, students need a moment to wrap up their thinking in a unit review game!

Teacher Tip/Prep

5 minutes

This lesson is intended to be a chance for students to review key concepts and vocabulary learned throughout the motion and energy unit.  It uses SMARTBoard technology. If you don't have a SMARTBoard, you can use the review questions to create a differently formatted game. This game was adapted from a format found on SMART Exchange, which offers free templates and lessons for SMARTBoard users. Here is the link to the Trick-or-Trick Review Game template.

To help the students prepare for the unit exam, I print the SMARTBoard slides containing each question for each student.  As the question appears, students write down their thoughts/ideas/knowledge of the question in their review game packet

This addresses SP8, as students are obtaining information from others and communicating in writing as well as verbally with the entire class. SP7 is addressed as students are required to explain their position on a topic and support it with evidence.  By completing the packet, students are engaging in yet another form of test review and will have something tangible (besides their notes) to review for the test at home. 

SP7 Engaging in Argument from Evidence Construct, use, and/or present an oral and written argument supported by empirical evidence and scientific reasoning to support or refute an explanation or a model for a phenomenon or a solution to a problem.

SP8 Obtaining, Evaluating, and Communicating Information Communicate scientific and/or technical information (e.g. about a proposed object, tool, process, system) in writing and/or through oral presentations.

The Review Game

45 minutes

This game is Halloween themed since we are playing it so close to Halloween.  The questions can be removed and added to a different template if you're playing during another season. Before I start the game, I split the students into two teams by drawing an imaginary down the center of the classroom.  I have them take out all of their notes from the unit, so they can access them for the game.  I have the Motion and Energy Review Game pulled up on the SMARTBoard. I explain the directions to the whole class and pass out the student packets.  


1. Two teams compete to win the most points. 

2. Points are given based on the question and are only awarded when the answer is correct. 

3.  If the team who is up answers incorrectly, the other team will have 10 seconds to steal the points by correctly answering the question.

4. All students are responsible for taking notes, writing down answers or any questions during the game.  The review sheet will be graded as a homework assignment. 

5. The team with the most points at the end, will be awarded 2 extra credit points on the final exam.

After giving directions,  I ask one student from each team to think of a number between 1 and 10. Whichever team guesses the number I am thinking of or is the closest, goes first.  The team elects someone to be the person to choose the candy piece for their team.  

When students answer incorrectly, I ask the team who steals the points to explain where in their notes they found the answer so the first team can write down an appropriate response in their packets.  Should both teams answer incorrectly, I spend time discussing the question or topic in order to clear up any confusion on the topic.