Student Innovation and Inquiry Conference (SIIC)

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Students will be able to summarize their investigation findings to peers in a Student Innovation and Inquiry Conference.

Big Idea

Students will be able to review their designs with their peers. They will also be given the opportunity to analyze their peers' work and offer solutions for additional changes.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin the lesson by providing background knowledge about SIIC and what the acronym means. I will inform the students that SIIC represents a Student Inquiry and Innovation Conference. I will ask the students, "what does it mean to conference with one another?" As, students share their responses, I will encourage students to use their background knowledge to infer what we will be doing today. 

I will share with students that we will be presenting our vehicles during a Student Inquiry and Innovation Conference. I will provide the students with background knowledge of SIIC by explaining to the students that SIIC is modeled after a Kids Conference that took place in 1990 in Baltimore, Maryland. The purpose of this conference is for students to provide student to student discourse around their project or investigation. I will explain to students, during the SIIC, they will need to focus on the testable question, the design of their vehicle and any modifications that were made, any supporting evidence or new claims, and real world implications.


25 minutes

Students will be given the opportunity to present their vehicles to the class. Each group will share their designs and discuss how the design had been modified as the students moved through the elementary engineering design process. Students will also be given the opportunity to reflect on what the next steps could be in regards to their vehicles. 

The students that are not presenting will serve as the audience. They will be allowed to offer comments, considerations, and questions regarding the presentation. Some questions that the students may ask are:

Why the students built their vehicles in the manner that they did (i.e. why did you put a straw over the wooden stick before inserting it into the wheel)?

How did making a specific change effect how the car traveled on the surfaces?

How can you improve your vehicle or what would you have done differently?

Wrap Up

10 minutes

After all groups have presented their vehicles, we will conclude the lesson with a class discussion. I will emphasize that a SIIC is not always a culminating activity, but rather an opportunity for students to share their work with others in the class. I will assure the students that even if their vehicle is not complete, they may still participate in the SIIC.