How Fast Can You Get There Part 3

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Students will be able to compare speed and distance of objects moving across different surfaces.

Big Idea

Students will modify the objects they created in Parts 1 and 2, by improving their tire design to analyze the tires in relation to motion and different surfaces.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

This is part three of a three part lesson. In How Fast Can You Get There Part One, the students received materials and began brainstorming and designing their object. In How Fast Can You Get There Part Two, the students constructed their designs and tested them on different surfaces throughout the classroom. At the conclusion Part Two, the students were able to share their designs to obtain feedback from their peers. This lesson will begin with a class discussion about the objects that the groups invented in the previous lesson. Will will begin to refer to these objects as vehicles because they have wheels and are capable of motion.

Next, as a class we will discuss the Elementary Engineering Design Process. We will review the importance of scientist analyzing and reviewing their experiments to determine if further changes are necessary.

I will ask the students how well did their tire design move on the different surfaces that were tested? Students will be given the opportunity to discuss their findings with their partner. 


25 minutes

I will provide time for the students to retest their vehicles. I will ask the students, "what might you change to improve the overall design on your vehicle?" Students will be given the opportunity to share ideas and test them out on the different surfaces. I will provide time for students to improve and test their designs on the different surfaces. Students will be analyzing their original designs and making changes to gain a deeper understanding of the Elementary Engineering and Design Process. Students will make changes to their vehicle to help them answer their testable question.

Students will make note of any differences on the resource provided.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

The lesson will conclude with a whole group session which the students will share the results of their experiment. Students will discuss the changes that they made to their vehicles and how it effected the speed and distance the vehicle traveled. 

As students share, I will make note of how well the students are able to compare speed and distances of objects moving across different surfaces. Noting these observations, allows me to identify which students are proficient at the standard, and which students are in progress.