Contributing to Movement

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Students will be able to analyze and describe how parts of a design work together.

Big Idea

Students will engage in exploring the parts of a vehicle to determine how each part has a role in producing motion.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

The lesson will begin with a whole group discussion about parts of a whole. We will discuss how technological advances have made it possible for larger parts of a whole to conduct a task to make an object move. I will allow time for students to give examples of different objects that consist if smaller pieces that contribute to the object's movement. 

 I will inform that class that today, we will analyze wheel designs to determine the purpose for different wheels and how the parts of the wheel work together to accomplish motion.


25 minutes

Students will remain on the carpet in a whole group setting for this lesson. We will review the Wheel Designs Powerpoint. As we go through each slide, I will ask the students the following questions: 

Where do you think this wheel came from? What type of vehicle? Explain your thinking. I am asking the students this question to activate any background knowledge that they may have regarding wheels. I will also ask the students if they can name any parts on this wheel design and explain how you think they work? This is important in identifying the difference in a wheel and tire. Students will need to know how the different parts of the wheel work together to make the tire move. Lastly, I will ask the students if the parts of the wheel contribute to how fast or the distance the vehicle can move? Students responses will help me to identify which students are proficient and which students may need additional reteaching.

How does the design of the wheel, affect how the vehicle travels over different textured surfaces? Explain your thinking. 

Wrap Up

10 minutes

As we conclude the PowerPoint, we will end the lesson with a whole group discussion. We will review the different types of wheels that were noted in the PowerPoint. We will discuss and describe how the parts of the wheel worked together to provide motion for the vehicle. We will also discuss the different wheel designs that were reflected in the slideshow. Students will share their thoughts on how the wheel designs work together to move in the best manner suitable for it's use. We will discuss friction and tread to stimulate background knowledge and encourage inferencing.

Lastly, students will record three factors that contribute to the movement of objects in their science journals. This response will serve as an assessment piece. It will all me to analyze which students are exhibiting proficiency and understanding in reference to factors that contribute to moving objects.