Almost There! (The Second to Last Day of School)

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SWBAT discover the history of the number one.

Big Idea

Students will watch a BBC film that depicts the story of the number one.

Student Conferences

Today’s class will fall after students have completed their final exams. I will use this day to conference with students regarding their final grades and to debrief their yearlong performance.

When students arrive at my desk, we will review their graded final exam so that they can get clarification on any errors that were made. I will also share their final grades and their growth as measured on the grade level equivalency tests completed throughout the year. Students will use this handout as a guide during our conversation.

These final meetings are especially important for students that will need to retake the course during the summer. I want to ensure that these students leave the year reflective – but also empowered and optimistic. I will stress to each student to examine the factors that led to their failure, and not to harbor feelings of unintelligence or inferiority. Together we will create a plan of action to ensure success in future classes. The conference will end on a high note, by highlighting the positive strides made over the school year.

Urban districts can have high transient populations, so it is possible that I may not see some of my students again the following year. Because of this, I believe that these individual conversations are so very important - for both teachers and students. 

The Story of 1

80 minutes

As I am meeting with individual students, the rest of the class will watch a engaging BBC documentary entitled "The Number One". The film tells the story of the number one and the number zero throughout history. I have provided two different links to the movie here and here. Students will also be provided with a timeline that they can complete while watching, to keep track of the major events that occur during the course of the film.