How Fast Can You Get There?

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Students will be able to design an object that is able to travel a distance over time.

Big Idea

Students will use the Elementary Engineering Design Process to design an object that can travel a distance.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

I will begin the lesson with a group discussion. As a class, we will review what we have learned about force, friction, speed, and distance. I will ask the students if they know the difference between a wheel and a tire. After allowing students time to share their ideas, I will explain that a wheel has to be connected to an axis. A tire goes around the wheel to add friction to the wheel as it travels over distances. I will challenge the students to design an object that is able to move distances. Students will conduct multiple trials to determine how fast their object travels in a specific amount of time. Prior to students beginning to create their design, I will instruct them to choose a partner to collaborate with to create their design. 


25 minutes

Before beginning, we will review the Elementary Engineering Design Process. I will inform the students pairs of the materials that they will be using to create their object. They will receive plastic wheels, wooden sticks, straws, strings, tape, plastic spoons, clay and a timer. I will allow students to brainstorm ideas to create their object. As students work, I will ask students to think about what resources they need to consider before making their object? 


Once students complete their brainstorming, they will begin constructing their object. Students will use this time to construct their objects and make any changes that are necessary. Students are given this extra time because they have to be creative to design an object given the supplies that they have. Students often have a difficult time coming up with new ideas to create their object and the additional time is extremely beneficial.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Before students transition to dismissal, students will be instructed to place their materials in a secure area of the classroom to continue constructing their design during the next science lesson. This lesson will be continued.