A Food Web for Lunch

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SWBAT explain how the foods people eat are part of a food web.

Big Idea

How can food chains help you form a food web of your lunch?

Setting the Stage

National Science Education Standards

People depend on plants and some animals to provide them with energy.  In this lesson, students will learn that the food that they eat is part of a food web.

Science and Engineering Practices in NGSS

This lesson addresses SP 2: developing and using models and SP 8: obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.  Students will have the opportunity to complete a model of a food web that shows how people can eat food from a food web. Modeling in K-2 builds on the progresses to develop models that represents events.  The lesson also addresses SP 8: obtaining, evaluating, and communicating information.  Students communicate information in a written form that provide information about scientific ideas.  This lesson is important because it provides students an opportunity to write a paragraph to explain the steps of a food web for lunch.

Background Knowledge

My students have learned that most living things need other living things to survive. They know that animals need plants and some animals need other animals. My students also have learned that they need food in order to survive. 


Talk About IT

10 minutes

While the students are at their desks, I call on a student to read the "I Can" statement from the board - I can write a paragraph to explain how the food people eat is a part of a food web.   After the "I Can" statement, the student says "today we will work hard to make Dr. Collins proud!"  I have the students read the "I Can" statement to empower the students about the learning outcome for the day.

Students are reminded what is a food web.  We talked about it the previous day. Food web is two or more food chains that are connected.

Each student receives, a hand out where they observe Katie's food web for lunch.  I asked the students: What did Katie have for lunch?  I have the students draw lines to complete the girl's food web.  I inform them to focus on what Katie's eats and what the animals can eat. I reiterate that that you must connect have two or more food chains to be a food web. This assignment is completed as a whole class because this is the first time that students have been exposed to a food web.

 Once they complete the task, we discuss the drawing and identify the food chains that form the food web. I display the girl's food web on the Promethean Board and record the students' observations. In displaying the chart on the board, it helps my visual learners to better comprehend the food web. Also, the students learn how people can be a part of a food web.

Here is an example of a Food Web-Student Work.



You Do IT

15 minutes

While students sit at their desks, they are provided a food web template. The students are informed to create a food web of their lunch.

Here is two students work, Food Web-Diagram and  Food Web-Diagram 2.

When students finish, they are permitted to turn and talk and share their lunch food web with their partner. Turn and Talk helps the students to receive support as well as communicate their learning to their peers. Also, Turn and Talk permits me to assess all students. I walk around to provide support as needed. 

Here are two buddies that are discussing their Food Web.

If students need to alter their food web, they are provided time to make the adjustments.

Students write a paragraph describing their food web. The students are encouraged to write because it is important that learn that scientists share their work with others.

Students writing their paragraph, Food web and Food web two.



Let's Share

10 minutes

While students sit at their desks, they are provided an exit ticket.  In evaluating the exit ticket, I am checking to make sure that students understand how their lunch serve as a food web.  The exit tickets permit me to assess students' learning. I am able to modify or adjust instructions as needed.