Increase the Speed

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Students will be able to identify variables that increase the speed of an object as it moves over a surface.

Big Idea

Students will analyze different surface areas and determine how the surface affects the speed of the object traveling on the surface.


1 minutes

Warm Up

10 minutes

We will begin the lesson by reviewing our lesson surface matters. I will ask the students to think back to our experiment that took place outside with the balls from the P.E. Teacher. I will remind them that in this lesson, we rolled balls on different textured surfaces to determine how each surface affected the motion of the ball. As I have them recall the experiment, I am going to ask the students to think back to how each surface affected the motion of the ball. As students discus their thoughts, I will encourage them to think about how the texture of the surface area influenced the speed of the ball. Students will discuss and share their thinking. We will also discuss, what other factors other than the surface the ball rolls on, plays a part in speed? We will discuss wind, the size of the ball, and even the weight of the ball. 


25 minutes

Students will be grouped together to complete this assignment I will pose the question to the groups, "If you needed to increase the speed of an object, which variables would you consider? Students will discuss their responses with their groups. 

Next, I will instruct groups to select a surface (e.g., grass, blacktop, mulch, tiled floor, carpet), and an object (ball, toy car, wind up toy). I will ask the groups, what variables can be changed to increase the speed that their object travels over the selected surface. I will provide time for students to discuss their variables and come to a consensus as they identify variables that may increase the speed of their object. Once complete, students will begin testing their ideas. They will use timers to calculate the amount of time it takes their object to get from the starting point on their surface to the ending point. Students will record their information on the Increased Speed Over a Surface Organizer.

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Students will use the remaining ten minutes to share their findings and evidence with the class. I will lead a class discussion on how analyzing relationships between surfaces and objects help to identify variables that increase speed.