Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Foldable

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Students will be able to create a foldable to reinforce the photosynthesis and cell respiration concepts learned.

Big Idea

A simple foldable can be a useful study guide.


5 minutes

To start the lesson, I ask the students to discuss at their tables what could be used to represent mitochondria and cell respiration in  their Cells 'R Us project. I remind them that the decision they make right now is not "set in stone", but they should have some ideas. I tell the students to think about the function of the mitochondria and talk about who or what performs a similar job in an attraction (mall, amusement park, etc.). Once they have talked this over with their tables, we have a quick whip around to gather several ideas. 

The ideas generated in the whip around can then be included in the students' Cells "R Us planning sheet.


40 minutes

I explain to the students that they will be creating a photosynthesis and cell respiration foldable, using their notes from the previous days. The purpose of the foldable is to organize what they learned so that it will be easier to remember and to reinforce the vocabulary.

Creating the foldable is also a mini-engineering design challenge (SP2: Developing and Using Models; SP6: Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions) with the attached requirements and constraints.

Although this is a very quick activity, I present it as an engineering design challenge to reinforce the idea that every time they are faced with having to create something they are actually solving a problem and applying the engineering practices (SP2, SP6). I show a couple of examples, and we discuss ideas on how to make a foldable before they begin.

As they are working, I circulate the room offering other ideas and listening in on conversations that help me identify struggling students. I am always surprised at the different foldable configurations the students come up with. (Sample 1, Sample 2, Sample 3, Sample 4, Sample 5)

Listen in on students discussing the benefits of using foldables.


5 minutes

The students turn in their foldables at the end of today's lesson. As an exit ticket, I ask the students to share their foldables with their classmates, using an "I like-I wish- I wonder" format.