Five Senses Unit Assessment

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Students will demonstrate their knowledge about the five senses by completing a performance assessment.

Big Idea

This simple assessment will help you measure your students' understanding of the five senses.

Group Assessment

15 minutes

For the individual assessment, you will need the Five Senses Unit Assessment included as a PDF with this lesson.  I distribute the assessment to the students and have them write their name on it.  The students then move to their "testing positions"  These are assigned seats that keep them from looking at someone paper.

 I explain to the students, We have been learning a lot about our five senses.  Now it's time for you to show me what you have learned.  I am going to read you some questions and you will mark your answer on the sheet.  I can't tell you the correct answer, but I can help you if you don't know how to mark your answer or if you need the question again

We begin the test.  As I read the answers, I circulate around the room to monitor the progress on the test.  When the test is completed, I collect it.  We then talk about the questions as a group.

Individual Assessment

20 minutes

This part of the assessment is a performance task.  It allows the students to ue their five senses to figure out the identity of mystery items.  To prepare for this assessment, you will need copies of the Five Senses Task Assessment recording sheet included as a PDF with this lesson.  You will also need 4 tube socks.  Inside the tube socks, you will be placing four different items.  The students will try to figure out what is inside the socks.  I placed the following items inside the socks:

-bar of soap

-water bottle with some water inside

-magic marker

-package of fruit snacks

I then secured the socks closed with a rubber-band.


This assessment is completed one-on-one.  Each student writes their name on the assessment sheet.  They are then given each sock and they need to mark what senses they use to try to figure out what is in each sock.  See video.  I then record their guess in the box.  The students could also draw a picture of their guess, but recording their responses speeds the process up a bit.  After the students have made their guess, I open the socks up for them to see what is inside.

When scoring the assessment, I marked if the students used various senses and correctly marked which senses they used.