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SWBAT demonstrate the correct use of pronouns in sentences.

Big Idea

Correct use of pronouns add important effects to sentences.

Pronoun Categories

15 minutes

To begin the lesson, I passed out pronoun charts for students to glue in their notebooks.  Students will use these charts as reference to differentiate the types of pronouns.

Pronoun Power Point

15 minutes

Using the Pronoun Power Point, I guided the students through the various types of pronouns.  If there was any information that they felt assisted in clarifying the types of pronouns, students added these to their notes.

Locating Pronouns in Literature

20 minutes

I had students take out their novels that they are reading independently.  Each group was assigned a type of pronoun.  They searched through the novels in their small groups to locate examples of the assigned type of pronoun. 

After a reasonable amount of time, students shared their examples with the whole class.  Discussion occurred to decide if the pronoun was correctly identified.