A Single Shard (excerpt)

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SWBAT analyze the text through inferences and explain the interaction of literary elements.

Big Idea

Even folklore demonstrates character development.

Day 1 - Reading Comprehension

45 minutes

Today I passed out copies of an excerpt of Chapter 1 of A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park and a Reading Practice Activity.  Before students began working independently, as a class we shared predictions about the story – I had a copy of the book so that students could use the cover to assist in predicting.

Students used the worksheet as a means for guided reading.  Along with recording important information, students were encourage to mark the text as they have been taught throughout the year.

After Reading, students continued to use the worksheet.  However, questions intended to encourage students to respond using textual evidence to support their reasoning.

Finally, Metacognitive Awareness requires students to intentionally be aware of the reading strategies that they use while reading.  They explained how they specifically applied the strategies to their comprehension of the text.

Day 2 - Characterization

45 minutes

Students took out the text, A Single Shard, that they had read yesterday.  Today, they chose either Ear-tree or Crane-man to analyze using characterization techniques.

Using a character map, students identified 6 personality traits of one of these characters and recorded it on their character map.  They also included textual evidence to support their inferences.

Next, choosing three strong character traits, they explained how their chosen character was either a dynamic character or a static character in the text.  As a conclusion to their paragraph, they stated how the setting of the story impacted this character.