Importance of Parts of Fictional Text

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SWBAT understand that chapters, paragraphs and parts of a story have importance and the author places them there for a reason.

Big Idea

What would the Wizard of Oz have been with Dorothy traveling to Oz?

Video overview of my lessons

20 minutes

This is one of the hardest standards for me to teach, but also one of my favorites. I love the discussion that comes out of this standard. Since I started late in Better Lesson and my time is wrapping up, I want to at least give you a quick overview of how I attack this standard. Here is my video overview. I'll include as many resources as I can that I've made to try to get my kiddos better at this standard. Some passages I've grabbed from Study Island, so I can't share them, but you can really use any story. 

This is the last fiction overview I'll be including, but I also include comparing theme in this unit, which I have a modified version of here. I also hit summarizing quite a bit by using the mnemonic, Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then.