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SWBAT cite textual evidence to support literary elements and stylistic elements.

Big Idea

Practice using reading strategies.

Pre-Reading Strategies

10 minutes

Today, I passed out the narrative, Ditching” by Alan Lawrence Sitomer, to the class.  The first strategy that they used was to number the paragraphs for future reference.  Next, I passed out Ditching” Reading Practice.  Students individually responded to the “Before Reading, Prompt.”

After students wrote their response, we quickly shared as a whole class the connotation of the word “ditching” and opinions about a student who ditches.

During Reading

15 minutes

I explained to students that they would be reading this narrative while recording notes about the text.  Students were instructed to keep in mind the development of a plot line.  If necessary, they could refer to their notes about literary elements.

In addition, students were to mark the text using metacognitive markers that they have previously used in class to assist in their reading comprehension.  Students enjoy marking their text, they can use pencil to circle, but they definitely like getting out their highlighters to mark specific text.

After Reading

20 minutes

After students completed the previous activities, students were ready to answer a variety of questions related to literary elements and stylistic elements supporting their responses with textual evidence.  

Question 3 in which students identify character traits of the narrator, will be used at a future date to write a paragraph about the development of a dynamic character – one that changes throughout the narrative.


Metacognitive Awareness

10 minutes

I explained to the students that metacogitive is knowing what you know.  In this case, students demonstrate that they recognize the reading strategies that they are consciously and soon to be unconsciously using.

The last part of this section is for the students to explain how and where they used the reading strategy in the text – not just state the type of strategy used while reading.  Hopefully, they are incorporating numerous strategies while reading.