“Hundred Bucks of Happy”

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SWBAT diffuse vocabulary using context clues

Big Idea

Using context clues to understand vocabulary

Close Reading

15 minutes

Today the class read A Hundred Bucks of Happy by Susan Beth Pfefffer.  The first step that the class took in close reading of this passage was to number the paragraphs (total 66 paragraphs).  We do this so that as we discuss the text, we can locate the evidence to which one is referring.

There are numerous metacognitive markers that the students have learned to use related to close reading.  However, as students read this text independently, I asked students to circle words that were unfamiliar to them.  We spent time diffusing the meaning of these words today.

Groups Diffusing Vocabulary

25 minutes

After independently reading this text, we shared vocabulary that students had difficulty understanding.  Some of these words included – glistening (P2), sensation (P3), pace (P3), propelling (P3), denomination (P5), wholesome (P8), MIA (P9), dignified (P40), emerged (P49), ordinarily (P53), “collect my thoughts” (P54), inconspicuous (P64).

Next, I assigned two words to each group.  As a group, students needed to use context clues to determine the meaning.  In addition, the groups needed to explain to the class how they used the context clues to decipher the meaning and explain the thought process.