Multiplying and Dividing Integers

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SWBAT multiply and divide positive and negative numbers fluently.

Big Idea

Students review integer operations using a true and false activity and a puzzle to deepen their conceptual understanding.


10 minutes

As class begins students will complete a Do Now. After five minutes, we will review the answers to the Do-Now as a whole group. I will ask students to talk out the methods that they used to solve to each question. As students are working, I will pass back the graded Exit Cards from our last class.

A volunteer will then read the objective, "SWBAT multiply and divide positive and negative numbers".

Guided Notes + Practice

30 minutes

I expect that all of my students need a refresher with respect to today's content, so I will not pull a separate group of students to complete an alternate activity, as I did in yesterday's lesson. As a group we will work using theses Guided Notes. Students will first complete the tables on the top of their notes to discover the relationship between the signs of numbers and their products. Next, students will complete the puzzle on the top of page two using their knowledge of order of operations and properties of integers.

Students may work individually or in pairs during this section of the lesson. We will review the responses to all of page two after about 25 minutes.

Small Group Activities

30 minutes

I will split my class into three groups during this section of class, based on their Exit Card scores from our previous lesson:

Group 1 (Teacher-led group): Students will work in a small group using whiteboards and markers to review all 4 integer operations.

Group 2 (Student-led): Students who did not finish Part II and III of the Integer Activity have the option of doing so today.

Group 3 (Student-led): Students will complete this Integer Puzzle in groups of 2 or 3.

Exit Card

10 minutes

I will ask a student to summarize what we have done in class over the last two days, and to brainstorm aloud why integers are so important in Algebra.

Students will then complete an Exit Card.