Mini Quilt - Independent Reading Project

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of an assigned novel by creating a “Mini – Quilt” focusing upon literary elements.

Big Idea

Create a Quilt to Cover Literary Elements.

Prior Knowledge

10 minutes

Recently the class studied literary elements.  Now is the time for students to reveal their complete understanding and ability to apply their knowledge to their independent reading.  Using a Literary Elements PP, I reviewed the terms and encouraged students to add Literary Elements Reference notes if necessary.

Independent Reading Project

20 minutes

As I passed out the "Mini-Quilt" assignment, I explained to the class that they needed to choose one of the District Approved books for seventh grade to read for this Independent Reading Assignment.  The reading and project would be completed outside of class.  The due date was four weeks from today.

This project demonstrates the students’ comprehension of literary elements through the creation of a “Mini-Quilt”.  This is not a real quilt but a paper one.  It consists of eight squares (4” x 4”)  in which students incorporate visual as well as written components; a border is also included.  The squares include the following elements:  protagonist, antagonist; setting, personality traits of the protagonist, universal theme, symbol representing the protagonist, student’s favorite quote from the novel, and major conflict.

The grading rubric has also been included.