"Fish Cheeks" Plot Line

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of an author using logical structure to organize a text.

Big Idea

What was the most meaningful part of “Fish Cheeks?

Identify Parts of the Plot Line

15 minutes

To begin class, I asked students to refer to their Literary Elements Notes  taken a few classes ago and specifically review “plot line.”  Next, I asked students take out the passage, "Fish Cheeks" and  re-read it.  Then, they labeled the parts of a plot line in the margins with their small groups.

Create a Plot Line

30 minutes

I reminded students that over the past few days, we discussed the development of the narrative using an effective hook, transitions, imagery, and finally leading to a theme which they could apply to their own life.  Today they would be focusing upon specific events introduced throughout the plot line and identify each event’s function in the creation of the narrative. 

The students’ instruction was to create a plot line labeling – exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.  In addition they included illustrations that exemplify the imagery crafted in their minds as they read “Fish Cheeks.”