At The Pond - Day 3

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SWBAT use science process skills to gather data at the pond.

Big Idea

Observing, measuring, and communicating are important science process skills. As students collect data, they will see the importance of each of these skills.

Gathering Data

18 minutes
  • What are the benefits of parks in a community?
  • What factors indicate to you that this is a healthy ecosystem?
  • What factors tell you that this is an ecosystem that is not very healthy?
  • Should this land area be left in its natural condition or should the Westmont Park District develop the land into a neighborhood park area with a walking path?
  • What is your recommendation to the Park District?


As students gather information at the pond by direct observations, they use their senses, measure, and write anecdotal data. This data will help students to answer the essential questions for the problem-based learning experience. During the field experience, a Student was Using A Temperature Probe along with their device to collect data. Student 2 also used the iCelsius app with the digital temperature probe.

The focus of this lesson is NGSS SP#4 analyze and interpret data. Once collected, data must be presented in a form that can reveal any patterns and relationships so that results can be communicated to others. Scientist must organize and interpret data and this will bring out the meaning of the data and make it relevant so it may be used as evidence. Students focus on collecting data, analyzing data, and interpreting data so they can communicate it and use it as evidence during this problem-based learning experience.

Teacher Tip: Using the app Pic Stitch, I take a variety of pictures and upload them as one collage. I share this with students so they can use their device with an app like this, upload pictures from the pond, and share them on their final project.

Take A Picture

2 minutes

I give Students a few minutes to use their device (phone, camera, iPod) to take pictures at the pond to use with their final project. I want them to take pictures of the plant and animal life and any abiotic factors at the pond. 

Teacher Tip: When students use a device to take pictures, they can create a collage with some easy to use, free apps such as: PicFrame, Pic Stitch, and Collage.