Organelle Trail - Review

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Students will be able to identify the specific functions of organelles and explain how different organelles work together.

Big Idea

Gamification is an engaging way to review cell organelles!

Introduction to Kahoot

1 minutes

Kahoot has dramatically changed how I review concepts with my students. Kahoot is a game-based classroom response platform that does not require specific clickers or downloads. All you and your students need is the ability to project the game and devices with internet access (these can be smartphones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, etc).

Students and teachers can create the games (question sets) by creating and login in to a FREE account. However, the players do NOT need to log in or even have an account. All the players need is a device and the PIN number for your game.

Watch as Jamie Brooker from Kahoot explains how to play.

Review Designed As Game

40 minutes

As students enter, I already have the Kahoot Basic Cell Organelles up. The music is all that is needed to engage the students. 

I usually have students play individually, and allow them to use their smartphones or the classroom laptops. If you have a limited number of devices you can have the students play in teams. 

The following video is intended to show you a few of the questions the students will see, in order to give you the idea of what this Kahoot is all about. It has no audio.

What is really cool about using Kahoot in the classroom is not only the student engagement (which is huge), but also that at the end of the quiz, the site gives you a breakdown of correct answers by student. You can even import the data into a spreadsheet, and perform a more in-depth analysis to guide further interventions. The only caveat to this would be that the students would need to enter their actual names at the beginning of the game, so that you do not have to guess who is whom (learned this the hard way). If you noticed the typo on question 15 on the video, rest assured that it has now been corrected. 

This is a little snippet of what Kahoot looks like in my classroom:


If Kahoot Is Not Your Game

10 minutes

Another option I have for review of this mini-unit is my cell memory game. I made prints on card stock several years ago, and they have remained my trusty go-to for organelle review. I have not used these since I discovered Kahoot, but I still keep them just in case the band-with gives out the day I planned to use Kahoot.

The students receive one set of cards and lay them face down on their tables. Students then take turns revealing pairs as they attempt to create matches.