Mastery of the Function Unit

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SWBAT complete multiple choice questions, short answers, and provide reasoning for identifying, evaluating, interpreting, and graphing functions.

Big Idea

To be able to show mastery of Function Concepts in different forms of test questions.

Testing Content and Type of Questions

50 minutes

The content that I expect students to master by the end of this unit is the following:

  • Identify functions in multiple representations and provide reasoning
  • Evaluating functions using equations and graphs
  • Domain and Range of a function 
  • Graphing functions using a t-table


The type of questions that I will assess students is posted below:

  • multiple choice
  • short answer
  • open response


In the following sections I will provide samples of test questions.  I will not provide full tests because I used the state website Triand to give quick online assessments to my students as well as retakes throughout this Unit.  I am giving shorter assessments this year due to the time needed to develop more in depth and rigorous curriculum for my students.  Shorter assessments helps me focus on the content needs of my students.  I either know to re-teach, re-test, or that the students have mastered that standard. I decided not to assess the students at this time on transformations of functions.  I will test them at a later time within the unit for each function when we study each function more in depth. 

Multiple choice

One of the assessments that I gave students in this Unit was a quick online test through a state website for Arkansas that allows educators in Arkansas to use.  I am providing a few Sample multiple choice questions .  As you can see from the questions, they are quick assessments to check for student understanding of identifying functions, evaluating functions, and finding domain and range.

Short Answer

I also assessed students with an online test at using short answers.  Here are some short answer Sample Questions.  By providing a variety of different types of questions, students are more prepared for different formats. I like using short answer questions because students usually have to provide reasoning, but it is less time consuming than an open response question.  

Open response

I also used Open Response questions from the Arkansas state website at  Here is a Sample of an Open Response Question on Functions.  The Open Response is more time-consuming, but again it is important to provide students with questions that require them to provide reasoning in a written format.  The more variety of representations that students, as well as repetition of problems, the better they will be prepared for the PARCC exam.