Fish Cheeks - Close Reading

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SWBAT actively read a narrative and demonstrate close reading skills.

Big Idea

A narrative can be anyone’s story!


10 minutes

I asked students to write a response to the following prompt.

Prompt:  Think about the various activities that your family does to celebrate holidays.  Choose one to describe in detail.

After writing, the class shared the details of numerous celebrations.

First Reading

15 minutes

I passed out a copy of "Fish Cheeks" by Amy Tan.  Before Reading, I asked students to number the paragraphs and to “predict” what this narrative would be about.  We shared the various predictions. 

Next, I explained that students would read the narrative silently.  They needed to circle words that they did not know.  As a class we discussed the words that were unfamiliar.

Second Reading

20 minutes

As students read the narrative the second time, I instructed them to read the narrative in chunks.  After reading one chunk, they were to interact with the text by answering the guided questions in the right margin to demonstrate their comprehension.  Then they continued using the same format for Chunk 2 and 3.

Class Discussion

15 minutes

After completing the boxed section, students stopped.  When everyone completed this section, we discussed student responses supported with textual evidence.