Introducing Literary Elements

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SWBAT determine how literary elements in a story interact.

Big Idea

Using Little Red Riding Hood to identify Literary Elements.

Literary Elements

20 minutes

Today I introduced basic literary elements that students need to know in order to begin to analyze literature.  I passed out Literary Elements Reference Sheet for students to glue in their notebooks.  As we reviewed the specific elements using Literary Elements Power Point, students added more details to their notes (if needed) in order to make connections as they interact with these notes in the future.

Little Red Riding Hood

20 minutes

After a class discussion about the literary elements, I explained that students were going to create a plot line for the story, Little Red Riding Hood, in their small groups. 

I asked the small groups to review the Little Red Riding Hood story with which they were familiar.  If their group had several versions, agree upon one to use.  In their groups, they created a plot line on a sheet of paper labeling the plot line terms and including events in the appropriate locations.

As a hint, I told the class that if you can decide upon and label the climax, everything else easily falls into place.


10 minutes

Students shared events with the whole class.  We shared the climax first, then went and identified the rest of the plot line.  I told the students to save the plot line, since we will be referring to the “Miscellaneous Terms” at a future date.