Deep Impact

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SWBAT use evidence to construct an explanation relating the speed of an object with the energy of that object.

Big Idea

How can you use evidence to describe the relationship between an object's speed and its energy?


10 minutes

I begin by having students answer the question "How do you know when something has energy?"  in their Science Notebooks.

After a few minutes I show them about 30 seconds of an asteroid impact video. I play it with the sound off because the content (ending the dinosaur age) isn't relevant to our discussion of energy, and I want to keep them focused on the focus question. I ask if they think the asteroid has energy, and how much?  Next, I explain that they will be conducting an investigation to collect evidence they can use to support their claim.

I have them glue their Impact Crater investigation sheets into their notebooks, then demonstrate the investigation.  We discuss what type of data we could collect.  Considering our parameters, I'm guiding them towards height of the marble and the size of the crater.  I have them add those headings to their data tables.


30 minutes

Before students begin, we review expectations we developed for group work.

As they are working, I ask them how they think speed and energy are related, and restate what they are saying back to them as a relationship and ask for evidence. For example, when they say "When it's faster, it's more," I say, "So you're saying that the faster the marble is moving the greater the energy?  What's your evidence?"

I also walk around and informally assess process skills such as staying on task, using tools appropriately, and working cooperatively.  


10 minutes

This is the critical step for today:  In their science notebooks, they need to explain how speed and energy are related, with evidence.  I show them the Supporting Claims with Evidence Rubric, and read the Exceeds criteria and example, remind them to use the evidence they gathered today, and then give them time to work.

 I'll pull 5 names at random to turn in their Science Notebooks as a representative sample so that I can determine if I need to reteach.