Staying Fat With Sarah Byrnes - Perfect Paragraph

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SWBAT write an explanatory text to convey the development of a dynamic character utilizing textual evidence from a narrative.

Big Idea

Let me explain how a dynamic character changes!


5 minutes

Over the past two classes, students read and excerpt from Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes and also created a character map detailing how Cindy developed as a dynamic character.

Today students took out their narrative, Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes, and the character map detailing personality traits of Cindy supported with textual evidence.

Perfect Paragraph

35 minutes

Using the above artifacts, I instructed students that they would write a perfect paragraph explaining how Cindy developed throughout the narrative as a dynamic character.

We quickly reviewed the perfect paragraph organizer in their notebooks.

Students then created a perfect paragraph organizer as their pre-writing in the Writing Process and continued to write their Rough Draft.