Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes - Character Map

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SWBAT draw inferences from the text to ascertain the character development of the protagonist in the narrative.

Big Idea

Analyzing characterization using textual evidence and recording information in a character map.


5 minutes

Yesterday, we read an excerpt from Staying Fat From Sarah Byrnes using Think Aloud strategies. 

Today students individually reread the narrative focusing upon development of Cindy as a dynamic character.  I reminded students that a dynamic character is one that changes from the beginning to the end of the text.  

Analyzing the Character

30 minutes

Students took out the copy of Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes that they interacted with yesterday. I encouraged students to reread the narrative and mark the text in the margin with the personality traits that they observed.  They had areference sheet of Character Traits in their notebooks to which they could refer if necessary.  I also instructed them to highlight the textual evidence in the text which assisted in making this inference about personality traits.

After analyzing the narrative, students reviewed the traits and chose two traits and textual evidence from each of the following – beginning, middle, and end.  This ensured that students could observe the development of Cindy as a dynamic character.  Then they recorded this information in a characterization map.

The characterization map is simply a circle map.  The center circle is the name of the character being analyzed.  The next circle between the center and outer circle is used to record the character traits, and the outer circle is used to record the textual evidence that supports the character trait.  When recording the textual evidence, I remind student to write the quote exactly and include the paragraph from which it was taken.

Students saved this graphic organizer to use in tomorrow’s class where they will write a paragraph explaining the development of Cindy’s character.



5 minutes

Students shared the information gathered on their characterization maps with others in their small groups.