"Rude" by Magic

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SWBAT write a parody to express imagined events using relevant descriptive details.

Big Idea

Write a parody from a new perspective!

What is perspective?

10 minutes

Using “Perspective” power point, we discussed the meaning of perspective by viewing and discussing two pictures (screens 3 and 4).  We agreed that it is similar to point of view – the way someone views an event. 

Before viewing each picture, I asked students to remember what they saw first, then the other details that came into view.  Even as the discussion progressed, there were details that I had previously missed.

Video - "Rude"

10 minutes

Parody - Dad

10 minutes

On screen 6, we focused upon one line in the song, “Why you gotta call me rude?” and again listed emotions evoked from this line.  The class discussion focused upon topic, perspective and author’s attitude.

I explained that we are going to view and listen to a parody in response to the song.  A parody is an imitation that one writes to either imitate of humorously comment upon an original work – telling a story in a funny way.  They were to pay attention to the similarities and decide whose perspective is reflected in this parody.

 After watching the parody, the class decided it was the perspective of the girlfriend’s dad.  We discussed some of the instances that were modeled after the original song.  Discussed how it kept the same rhythm and chorus was repetitive at appropriate locations in the parody.

Perspective Activity

30 minutes

Since students discussed the success of the parody, I showed the last screen of the Perspective PP and  explained that they were going to write their own parody in response to the original song, “Rude.” 

The class brainstormed possible perspectives that could be used. 

I passed out the perspective assignment which also contained the rubric.  We read the assignment together which provided some suggestions for possible perspectives:

daughter talking to father

daughter talking to mother

daughter talking to boyfriend

mother talking to father

mother talking to daughter

mother talking to boyfriend

father talking to daughter

boyfriend talking to mother

boyfriend talking to girlfriend

Students chose one perspective and created a parody focusing on telling the story, keeping a consistent tone which includes rhythm.  If someone thought of a different perspective, they needed to have it approved by me first.