Diet Coke and Mentos Geyser (Part 2)

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SWBAT plan and conduct a fair test using predetermined variables and outcomes and record measurement data.

Big Idea

How can you conduct a fair scientific experiment using Diet Coke and Mentos?


5 minutes

In this lesson, students will be taking the materials the class voted for, and turning their ideas into a scientifically testable question.

I pass out the investigation sheets and have students glue them into their notebooks.  I give them a few minutes to answer the first three questions on their own, before sharing answers in small groups, then with the whole class.


30 minutes

I take my class outside, where I've taped measuring tapes to the wall, one for each group.  I confirm with each group they figured out who would do what in a fair way before distributing materials.

After each group completes their test and records their data, they'll begin graphing their results. When all groups are done testing, I'll bring them back inside.


10 minutes

Drawing conclusions is not something we've talked about this early in the year, so I will give them a little extra support here.  I'm looking for something like "The more Mentos you put in, the higher the geyser," or "More than five Mentos does not change the height of the geyser."  Students will then be expected to cite their evidence that supports their conclusions.