Does it Push or Pull ?

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SWBAT: Make observations of an object’s motion to provide evidence that a pattern can be used to predict future motion by taking pictures/video explaining the force as push or pull.

Big Idea

All forces have something in common, they either push or pull.


1 minutes

Warm up

5 minutes

Sometimes starting with a question really works well. I asked "What is motion?" and I got so many different opinions! It may be difficult for students to express their ideas verbally. I encourage "turn and talk" because it allows them to brainstorm in a small group and work with a partner to solidify their answers. I use a power point for this lesson because there is a lot of new academic language they will be learning and by presenting it with pictures and animation it helps my students experience the concept.

Guided practice

15 minutes

I use the power point to help guide the lesson as well as to keep us on track. The students use a Frayer modified graphic organizer for all of their academic vocabulary. It helps them connect with the words. I purposely added animation to the academic vocabulary to help my students understand the way that things can move. It really helped them and they were even mimicking the motions with their hands. They made a visual, verbal and physical connection to the academic vocabulary.


20 minutes

I used a common item found in our classroom to demonstrate force, a milk crate. Instead of me moving the crate they watched their fellow students move it. They were constantly questioning and looking for the "why" the crate moves. We even demonstrated balance and unbalanced forces. They watched it occur and then learned the academic vocabulary associated with the movement. Students then went on a forces hunt in our classroom. They used an iPad to find two examples of forces either pushing, pulling or both. They  took pictures then used the Educreations app.educreations to give evidence of their claim. The object pushes, pulls or both.

Class Discussion/Wrap up

10 minutes

The educreations app allows their explanations to be added to one folder. As the students finished they could listen to the evidence cited by the other teams.

We covered a lot of ground for an introductory lesson, however I feel that since this lesson was extremely student centered, and interactive, my students really understood the concepts. As an EXIT ticket I like to use the 3-2-1 strategy. For this lesson, they had to offer 3 things they learned about motion, 2 things about force and one thing about position.

I gave them a homework page reviewing what we learned today. I want them to use their notebooks, go back, and refer to their notebook as a text for the basis of their answers. They practice not only their science skills but their Common Core ones as well.