Weather-Proofing Our School - Day Two

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Students to use the data they have gathered from evaluating building materials around the school and prepare a proposal for renovating the school.

Big Idea

Application of scientific concepts

RAP - Review and Preview

5 minutes

I remind students of the concepts that we covered the previous day. Students share some of their data points from around the school and their thoughts about how to remediate the weathering issues that our school building is experiencing.

Once students get their thoughts flowing, I give them their real-world scenario to prepare a proposal for renovating the school.



60 minutes

Students will prepare a brief for the principal and PTA council to propose renovations for the building. This includes a short, 5 minute, presentation, to support their research. In order to make this a realistic assignment, I ask members of the PTA to come to our classroom to listen to presentations and/or set aside time at a PTA meeting to make their presentations


45 minutes

Students will present their proposal and deliver their presentation to members of the PTA. These members will either come into the classroom or students will attend a PTA meeting to present their ideas.