Supporting Details

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SWBAT distinguish between related and unrelated supporting details relevant to a topic.

Big Idea

Only include relevant ideas in your writing!

Review Supporting Details

10 minutes

Yesterday, we began examining how to write a perfect paragraph. The major focus was upon the graphic organizer that I expect students to use throughout the year.

Today, the emphasis was upon supporting details and how they need to be related to the topic of the paragraph.  In the class, we discussed how elaboration described in the perfect paragraph graphic organizer includes expanded supporting details.

I used the Supporting Detail Power Point to talk about features used to develop quality supporting details.

Identify Related Details

15 minutes

I passed out the worksheet –Unrelated Sentence Fun, Practice Worksheet 4 – for students to practice identifying related and unrelated ideas. 

Additional Details

20 minutes

As a class, we returned to the perfect paragraph completed in class yesterday.  Going line-by-line, we evaluated the quality of the supporting details previously written.  In small groups, students then attempted to improve the supporting details that appeared unrelated.


10 minutes

Students worked well together revising the supporting details.  Several groups were able to share their new creations with the rest of the class.