Inspirational Thoughts

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SWBAT determine the central meaning of several inspirational quotes.

Big Idea

What does this mean to me?

Prior Knowledge

5 minutes

I began this lesson by reminding students of a previous activity in which they created a Character Tissue Box.  One of the criteria was to include a meaningful quote on their box.  Students shook their heads like they were remembering.

Inspirational Words

15 minutes

Then I explained that today, we were going to read several “Inspirational Thoughts” and discuss the meaning.   Why did the author say these meaningful words or what did he/she mean by the quote.  I presented these words through “Inspirational Thoughts” power pointThis provided the students an opportunity to match a face to the name and some background about the person.

As we viewed the power point, we had a short discussion as the whole class about what did the famous person mean by the quote.


15 minutes

After the short discussion, students individually responded to the Inspirational Thoughts” Worksheet.  They read the same quotes as previous viewed, wrote an explanation about the meaning of the quote, and explained if they agreed or disagreed with the text including reasons or examples.


10 minutes

Since we previously shared the meanings of the quotes, we ended the class students shaing explanations as to why students agreed or disagreed with the various quotes.