Individual Writing - Active Listening

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: SWBAT clearly introduce a topic with relevant facts and details.

Big Idea

How do I organize my ideas?


5 minutes

Throughout the first few days of school, we have  discussed the importance of active listening. The past two days of class, I modeled using the perfect paragraph format to organize ideas and write a focused paragraph as a whole class.

Today, students responded to the following prompt using the perfect paragraph format.

Prompt:  In an explanatory paragraph, explain how Active Listening Skills assist students in improving their grades.


10 minutes

Since this lesson was within the first two weeks of school, I guided the students through the Writing Process steps that I expected them to follow.

 After we read the prompt aloud, each student created a web or list of ideas as their brainstorming activity.  I reminded them of the steps we used the previous day when writing about the class being noisy during testing.

Perfect Paragraph Organizer

15 minutes

Using their brainstorming, students began to complete their graphic organizer in preparation for their rough draft.  A student sample is provided.

Rough Draft

15 minutes

As students began writing their Rough Drafts, I reminded them that using their graphic organizer made the writing process easy.  Their ideas are already organized, all they have to do is transform their ideas into sentences.

I also encourage students to skip lines.  This provides space for students to revise as we progress through the writing process.