Quiz on Distributions and the Empirical Rule

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SWBAT demonstrate their ability to describe a one-variable distribution and use the Empirical Rule to predict population percentages from appropriate distributions.

Big Idea

This quiz is an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of one-variable distributions and the Empirical Rule.


50 minutes

Students will use the majority of this class period to demonstrate their understanding of one-variable distributions and the normal model on Univariate Statistics Quiz.  This quiz asks students to describe the shape, center and spread of various distributions, calculate the standard deviation of a data set, and use the Empirical Rule [MP4, MP5].

Poster Scavenger Hunt

30 minutes

When all students have completed the quiz, I ask them to examine the posters made by their classmates two classes ago.  I will have graded these posters and put them on the bulletin board before this class period.  As they look at the posters, I ask each student to fill out Poster Scavenger Hunt, to keep them looking closely at the work of their peers.  

The point of this activity is to honor the work completed by groups in an earlier class and reinforce the idea that not all distributions are appropriately modeled with the normal model [MP4].  Today, it also gives students the opportunity to move around quietly after the quiz.