Introduction to Poetry (Day 2)

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SWBAT identify elements of a poem as they read a variety of poems.

Big Idea

Students continue to explore elements of poetry.

Modeling and Guided Practice

15 minutes

I reviewed the following elements of poems: lines, rhyme, and stanzas. Next, I had students take out their reading textbook and turn to the poem, Spaghetti! Spaghetti! by Jack Prelutsky.  I selected this poem because it has many lines, stanzas, and rhyming words.  I placed the poem on the document camera and read it aloud. When I finished reading I identified the different elements using a transparency. I drew a box around each stanza, highlighted rhyming words, and numbered each line. 

I placed another poem on the document camera and guided students in identifying the elements together. I displayed my markings on the document camera and students did the same with a transparency laid over their textbook. I also had students state the definition of each element, reading from the poster used in the previous lesson.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

Working in pairs, students identified elements of a poem by finding each element and writing the name next to it. They had the choice of using the markings I had used during guided practice or their own. They selected one of the many poetry books I had checked out from the library. They were directed to select three to five poems to work with.  I allowed them to select their own poems to increase student interest in the work and poetry in general.  I walked around the room as students worked and provided assistance as needed.  




10 minutes

I informally assessed students through teacher observation as they worked. I checked to see if they had notated the poems correctly.  In the attached student work, she has identified the number of stanzas and underlined rhyming words.