Act 3: Scene 2: Comparing Similar Themes In Drama

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SWBAT compare and contrast the approach authors take when writing dramas with similar themes.

Big Idea

Ever see two movies that seem to be telling you the same thing? Are they exactly the same? How does that happen?


5 minutes

This is the third time that the kids have compared two works with similar themes, so this should hopefully go well in my classroom. 

To start off, I just want the kids to chat with their numbered head partner. 

Can two different plays have the same theme? I want you to take a look at the following movie covers. Now, I know these aren't plays, but I had a hard time finding billboard covers and program covers for plays that would give us some background in order to truly talk about this. Movies are scripts turned into motion picture, so this will work for now. 

Modeled Instruction

10 minutes

For today's mini-lesson, I'm planning on reviewing the graphic organizer we used at the beginning of the year. I won't actually be modeling with two plays because I want the bulk of the time today to be for the kids to work with two new scripts. If they can find theme, they should be able to compare theme without me modeling it again for them at this point in the year. 

Small Groups

30 minutes

I'll be breaking the kids into groups of four today to let them read the plays The Crystal Heartland and The Princess Mouse. The kids will work together to compare the plays and the approaches to a similar theme. I'll be meeting with groups to monitor who I need to spend some extra time with. First, I'll be looking to see how the students are interacting with the text, then I'll be looking at the graphic organizer. If students are off course as far as the themes, I'll pull them right away to start getting them back on track.