Volume Task 2

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The students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of volume in the context of a real world situation.

Big Idea

Fill 'er Up!


In this lesson students will be working in groups to complete a task using the concept of volume.  The task is called The Fish Tank and is from the 5th grade Georgia math curriculum. 

Within the task description are setup instructions and questions to aid students in the investigation.


60 minutes

The Fish Tank task is from the 5th Grade Math Curriculum from Georgia State.  The task is set up into three “Acts” and is cleared laid out in the Task Description from the Georgia curriculum. 

General Description

Students will view a video of a fish tank being filled for about 25 seconds.  Next, they will be asked to discuss what they wonder about or are curious about.  These questions will be recorded on a class chart or on the board and on the student recording sheet.  Students will then use mathematics to answer one of the questions generated on the chart.  Students will be given information to solve the problem based on need.  When they realize they don’t have the information they need, and ask for it, it will be given to them.