Practice with Solid Figures

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The students will be able to understand three-dimensional shapes in terms of a net.

Big Idea

Open Says A Me!


15 minutes

In this lesson students will be exploring six polyhedrons with an online tool using the Illuminations website. 

I begin this lesson with a crazy little Youtube video I found that is made to be polyhedrons dancing.  It is short and kind of cute.  I display this on the projector in the computer lab as students are getting logged on to the computer and on to the internet. 


30 minutes

I provide students with the link to the online applet and a copy of the investigation recording sheet.  They are responsible for determining the shape of each face and the number of faces, edges and vertices for each of the six polyhedrons.  The students will use the Illuminations applet to guide them in their discovery. 

Before sending them loose to complete the investigation I give them a brief overview of how to use the applet.  It is important at this point to explain to students what a net is in relation to viewing three-dimensional shapes. 

Once the students complete the chart for the six polyhedrons I allow them to explore creating their own net for a shape.


15 minutes

To wrap up this activity I bring students back to the classroom and have them work in their groups to complete the three questions on the bottom half of the worksheet.  After allowing them ten minutes or so I bring the class back to a whole group and we discuss possible answers to the questions.