The Final Draft: Day 2 of 2

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SWBAT finish their fictional personal narrative and display it on the published wall.

Big Idea

Mission Accomplished! Your students will feel proud as they finish their narratives.


This past week we have been working toward publishing a fictional personal narrative (CCRA.W. 3: write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences).

Lesson Overview

In this final day of a week long lesson series my students finished their fictional personal narratives and we displayed it on our publish wall. 

We begin working as on the first day of

In this lesson and I called the groups to work with me as we did the day before.  As students finished their fictional narrative they were able to choose an activity such as working on the computer, reading in the library, or working with a puzzle.  If they wanted to they could also begin their homework.



5 minutes

I started this lesson with my students already seated at their desks where I reminded them that they should be ready to publish their work. Which meant they made all the edits and revisions and were ready to transpose their drafts to their publish papers, and then have them posted on the publish wall.  I continued by explaining they would first have some time to work on their narratives, then they would go into their groups and rotate through writing areas so I could read all their stories.  Before starting I reminded them that they needed to work quietly and stay in their work areas so that all students could finish their work.

Guided Practice

15 minutes

I continued by telling my students they would have some time to either finish their final papers for publication, or complete the revisions on their drafts.  As they took out their work from the day before and got started working, I set the timer for 10 minutes and told my students I would start calling groups when the timer went off.

As my students worked I met individually with students to monitor their work.

Independent Practice

60 minutes

When the timer went off I stopped my students and directed them to each group to where they would start the writing rotation.  As my students rotated through my group each student read his/her draft.  If the spelling, grammar, and convention mistakes were corrected and the revisions made, I would hand that student a blank Paper for Published Work so he/she could transpose their work onto it. 

Student took ownership and were very creative with their writing ideas, as seen in this student's Published Work.

Once the student finished the published paper he/she handed it back to me and it was posted on the Publish Wall.