Zero and One

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Students will be able to fluently multiply with 0 and 1.

Big Idea

Zero and One are so much fun!


15 minutes

There are a total of 36 facts that have 0 or 1 as a factor.  Most students can easily remember that when multiplying anything by 0 you get 0 and multiplying anything by 1 gives you a product of the other factor.  Some confusion may be found when students are just learning facts with 0 and 1 because of previous strategies associated with addition.  For example, 6 + 0 is 6.  The answer is the same as the other adden.  Similarly, 6 + 1 is 7.

The concept surrounding multiplying with 0's and 1's can then be best explained using story problems as examples. 

If you have six groups and there are none in each group, in total you have 0.  6 x 0 = 0

If you have six groups and there is one in each group, in total you have 6.  6 x 1 = 6

I have included a short video for multiplying by 0 and 1.  These are meant to be more of a review and practice instead of a concept introduction. 


30 minutes

Spinner Tool

Students are given one of the spinners to fill out as a reference tool.  The tool will be primarily used during the current level of the multiplication program but should be kept as a reference going forward to higher levels. 



There is a set of flashcards provided for the current level.  Each set of flashcards include the facts with their turn-around facts.  It is important that the students are comfortable with the commutative property of multiplication.

Timed Test

15 minutes

There is one timed test associated with these two factors.  The timed test is designed to be a one minute test of 40 problems and includes only multiplication facts with the 0 and 1.