Processes of Science

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SWBAT sort and define the process and steps of science.

Big Idea

Students will learn the scientific process and the vocabulary that connects to it. They will then practice putting the process together and will create a visual reminder for them to use.

New Vocabulary

10 minutes

The steps of the scientific method are usually new to most kids. I have found that in order for them to understand the steps in the process we need to go over the vocabulary first to make sure they understand what each piece entails and what the words actually mean. 

I ask the class to get out their white boards. I then proceed to assign a number to each student 1-7. I ask that each student write their number very small in the corner of their white board so they do not forget it. Once they are assigned, I explain that I am going to teach them the seven steps of the scientific method that we will be using in class. As I teach each step, those students who match that number have to listen carefully, take notes, and draw pictures so that they can review the step with their classmates later. 

I then teach the vocabulary and each step of the scientific method. Modeling and explaining further whenever I can to help them build a conceptual understanding. 

Sorting and Talking

10 minutes

I know place the students in three large groups. Each member of the group should have notes about their particular step of the scientific method. I hand out a groups of cards that are labeled with only the words of the different steps. They are all mixed up and the group will need to put them into order. As they do this, the team member that has the notes for that step will review and share what happens at this point and any notes they have made. They then will go to the next step, and so on. Each team member should have presented their step to the group and they should have the steps in order. 

Bookmark Creation

10 minutes

At this point, students will take what they have learned and create a bookmark reminder for the steps for their reference. I will give out a regular white piece of construction paper. They need to have the steps written in order on their bookmark and some kind of note or picture that will help them what occurs at this phase of the process.