Observations of Our School

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SWBAT observe, report, and present to the class how they used their senses in different areas of the school.

Big Idea

To get in tune with our senses and how we can use them to observe is important as we begin our work in science. This lesson allows students to explore their school and practice their observation skills.

Observation Review

2 minutes

Previously we conducted a lesson where we observed within the school. To begin today, I want to start with a discussion with what we learned from that and how did they observe. I then explain that today we will be observing again, but we are going to try to do an even better job then last time because we have learned from our last activity that we have to observe very carefully. 

Five Senses

5 minutes

I ask the class to take out their science journal/notebook. I ask them to turn the paper sideways to that we have longer piece of paper because we are now going to draw lines to make five sections. At the top of each section I want to label them with one of the five senses. I ask the class to help me with the labeling piece. I complete a model for them on the white board. For each sense, we are going to create a list of words that helps us describe our senses. We can also add how we use our senses. This will be important so that our brain is tuned into words to help us in our observations. 

Developing an Observation Plan

15 minutes

We have created a good chart as a reference tool for our observation today. Now students will be put into pairs to determine an observation plan. I explain to the class that each pair of students will need to come up with a plan on how they will observe a part of the school. They need to choose a location to observe from, what senses they will be using, and how they are going to get to and from the location. 

I randomly assign teams and have them begin planning. I walk around and monitor teams and try to help find other locations n the school if too many are choosing areas like playground or gym. 

Observe and Report

15 minutes

Once they have written their plans, the last step is to go over it with me. I use this time to suggest other things they might try to observe if it appears they have missed some ideas or can expand on some of the ones they have. I ask them for how long they will need out of the classroom and write it down.  With my approval, they can take their plan into action and head out to carry it through. 

When all of the teams have come back, or at the end of the day, I will have the pairs share with other pairs what they observed. We will then share what we learned from each other as a whole class. I want to go over specifics on what went well and what they noticed.