Safety First

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SWBAT create safety posters and present to their classmates the reasons we follow directions, especially science.

Big Idea

In order to set up clear expectations we need lessons to help students understand the rules, directions and safety involved in science.

Why Be Safe?

5 minutes

To begin this lesson I will lead the class in a discussion centered on safety. I will ask the class to discuss with their elbow partner all the  safety rules they know and why we have them. As the class discusses together, I will walk around and monitor what is being said. I will then bring the group back together and have them share with the class the different areas and situations where safety is an issue. 

Brainstorm: Different Rules for Different Places

10 minutes

I ask the class to get out their white boards so that they can do some brainstorming. In case they do not remember what it means to brainstorm, I will model how they will do this on their white boards. I start by giving them the topic that they will be trying to write anything and everything can on. The topic they will be brainstorming is, "what safety rules exist for different places?" I then model how I begin to write whatever comes into my head that connects to this question.  After I model, I ask them to try. 


Safety Share

5 minutes

For this portion of the lesson we are going to work on our whole class discussion skills. One thing I love to do in my classroom is have my students discuss, share, and debate their thinking. It is important to go over how discussions will take place so that respect is given and everyone is allowed the chance to take a risk and speak up. 

I begin by going over the rules for discussions and how we can all have a turn to talk if we are respectful about what each other is saying. I ask the class to share their brainstormed ideas and what situations that those safety rules apply to. to get them thinking I really try to push how else and if other people can connect places, situations, and safety rules. If needed, I will ask them to connect what kinds of rules we have at school for safety and why we have them in place. This leads to not only going over school procedures, but is a nice transition to safety in science. 

Safety Posters

10 minutes

With a nice background built for safety rules in and out of school I want to push them to work collaboratively to design some safety posters. I will put students in groups of three to create their poster. Each group will choose a safety rule to design a poster. I ask that each group include an eye catching picture, and I give the example of the skill and cross bones on a poison bottle. The next requirement is to have the group write the safety rule clearly onto the poster. On the back of the poster, I would like each group to write a reason we need to follow this rule this year. There are three different criteria and each member of the group will have to write and be responsible for one of the three.