Confirm the Clues

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SWBAT analyze words, phrases, and sentences to determine the meaning of unknown words and confirm their meaning using a dictionary.

Big Idea

After using context clues to decipher the meaning of unknown words, students use the dictionary to confirm the meaning.

Modeling and Guided Practice

20 minutes

To begin the lesson, I posted my desk mat for all students to see.  To help students connect to yesterday’s learning, I had them talk to their face partner about what we had done the day before.  I explained that in today’s lesson they would learn how to confirm their definitions after attempting to use context clues to figure out the meaning of a word. 

Using my teacher mat, I modeled using the dictionary to confirm the definition of housekeeper. I placed a dictionary on the document camera.  I emphasized using alphabetical order to find the word.  Upon finding the word, I wrote the definition in the appropriate section of the mat.  I completed a few more examples and guided students in doing the same on their mats.

Independent Practice

30 minutes

Students gathered their desk mats and dictionaries.  They worked in groups of two to confirm the definitions of words they had completed the day before.  They continued reading, writing the context clues, their own definitions, and confirming them using the dictionary.  I walked around the room assisting students as needed.


10 minutes

I informally assessed students through teacher observation.  I walked around as they worked checking the definitions on their mats.  I checked for student definitions that were completely wrong.  This let me know the student needed additional help using context clues.